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The thing about stories is that not all of them have a happy ending. But some do.

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They change my life. I’m in love whit this guys.

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Nunca entendí que fue lo que me gustó de ti, Tal vez por eso me atrapaste.

Good Morning America - 26.11 +

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Midnight Memories writing credits
Louis Tomlinson - 12/18 songs
Liam Payne - 9/18 songs
Harry Styles - 4/18 songs
Niall Horan - 2/18 songs
Zayn Malik - 1/18 songs

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1D Day Best Bits

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AU: Harry Styles and Jade Thirlwall are in a relationship. 

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Here  are 20 pictures of Niall Horan that will make you , poke your eyes out , stab yourself with a knife and then shoot your self in the head and ……die . your’re  welcome ! 

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